T20 World Cup betting

T20 World Cup cricket betting has been called one of the most lucrative forms of sports betting in India. There are a number of T20 leagues around the world starting with the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL) and Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which are based on the Twenty20 format.

But nothing compares to betting on a T20 match. Such championships are held every two years in early spring in the leading cricket countries. It is held over several days in which various matches take place. The spectacle is incredible and attracts a huge number of followers.

The ICC World Twenty20 was only launched in 2007. The host country of this tournament is South Africa, and 8 tournaments have been held to date.

Most of these T20 matches are played under bright lights and the stadium resembles an entertainment venue with fans cheering for their favorites; with high-ranking DJs, as well as a whole team of international commentators who accompany the entire match and set the atmosphere.

Why is it called world TWENTY20?

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There are three match formats in cricket: the test format lasts 5 days and gives each team two innings.

One Day International format. In these meetings, the teams try to determine the winner within one day, and the game as a whole is limited to 40 or 50 overs.

The Twenty20 format, here, only two innings are played before the end of the match (one for the attack of each team), and the average duration of the meeting is approximately three and a half hours. This format gives each team only 20 overs per match. This is why the tournament is called the Twenty20 format.

The difficulty of this match is that all teams play each other. Thus, it is played on a global scale, in which all cricket countries take part. The final winner earns Twenty20 World Champion status as they play hard during the tournament and must consistently win to become eventual winners.

Historical results

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The first ICC World Twenty20 in 2007 was taken by India. It was a bright and memorable push that the Twenty20 format needs. Soon the Indian Premier League (India’s domestic T20 format) gained immense popularity and took center stage to become one of the richest leagues in the world.

In 2009, the championship was held in England and the winner was the team of Pakistan. The next tournament took place in 2010 in the West Indies and was won by England.

2012 brought the win to the West Indies and the match was played in Sri Lanka. Winning the ICC World Twenty20 not only brings recognition and rewards to players, but also generates huge interest in cricket, as revealed in the West Indies in 2012.

Format of the tournament

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In the tournament, the teams are divided into two groups. The first group will consist of 4 seeded teams, while the second group will consist of the remaining 4 seeded teams. There will also be two qualifying teams from last year’s ICC World Twenty20 qualifiers, and the teams are similarly divided and placed into first and second groups.

Each such group will play its own team match once and points will be awarded based on the following criteria: 2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss and 1 point if the match is canceled due to rain.

This stage of the tournament is called a «round» and teams will be judged based on their points. After the stage of the round there will be the next — Super-8, after which the preliminary results are again summed up and the semi-final is held, and only then the final.

Existing Betting Markets:

  • Double chance. Just like a bet on an outcome, only in a double chance two outcomes are summed up for a lower coefficient — for example, that there will be no draw or that at least one of the teams will not lose.
  • For odds. Here you can make a prediction with what advantage the team will win or more than what handicap will not yield to the opponent. For example, in control matches between strong teams, there is a tendency to bet on a zero handicap.
  • Results. A bet on the number of runs in a match or on a separate segment — after 5, 10, 15 overs and so on. It can be both general totals and individual totals for each team.
  • Match statistics. Cricket is rich in various statistics and small events. In the lines for large matches, it is possible to find quotes by the number of run-outs or the best result of the first partnership. Also, many bookmakers offer to bet on how the first gate will be destroyed.
  • Player statistics. Top level cricket lines tend to have a fair amount of personal achievement offerings. Here you will find a wide variety of indicators: the number of runs or 6-point strikes, various titles at the end of the match — the best batsman or the best player of the meeting.
  • For the first innings. Quite a popular betting market for protracted test matches, because you do not have to wait several days to find out the results of the first inning. In the line for the first inning, you can usually find all the types of bets listed above.

Popular betting markets:

  • Best batsman
  • top bowler
  • the team will beat the most sixes

2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup odds

TeamOdds On Rajbet
South Africa8.00
New Zealand9.00
West Indies15.00
Sri Lanka19.00

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 is the eighth competition. Teams will play a total of 45 matches to compete for the T20 World Cup trophy.

ICC Men’s T20 team rankings

1 India268
2 England262
3 South Africa258
4  Pakistan258
5 New Zealand252
6 Australia250
7 West Indies241
8 Sri Lanka237
9 Bangladesh223
10 Afghanistan219

ICC T20 World Cup History

YearHost CountryWinnerRunner-upFinal Game Details
2007South AfricaIndiaPakistanIndia defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets
2009EnglandPakistanSri LankaPakistan won by 8 wickets
2010West IndiesEnglandAustraliaEngland won by 1 run
2012Sri LankaWest IndiesSri LankaWest Indies won by 36 runs
2014BangladeshSri LankaIndiaSri Lanka defeated India by 4 wickets
2016IndiaWest IndiesEnglandWest Indies won by 4 wickets
2021UAEAustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won by 8 wickets

Let’s consider in dynamics some predictions for the winning teams.


Captain: Eoin Morgan

Strengths of the team

The team pays a lot of attention to detail, namely, they plan the game well. It is headed by Eoin Morgan — the most starting strategist.

The team has strong hitters as well as some amazing all-rounders and death bowlers. In fact, it seems that the team has no weak points.


Captain: Kieron Pollard


This team refers to those who are afraid to meet. This team has an explosive line-up with six striking batsmen, a strong captain and a decent bowling line-up.


One of the drawbacks is the average age of the players in this T20 World Cup, this team is considered to be the oldest. There may be some injuries and breakdowns that will unbalance the course of the game for the team.


Captain: Virat Kohli


This team is particularly well versed in the conditions, has a strong lineup of players with outstanding champions (Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Lokes Rahul). The team is also called one of the unpredictable, capable of changing the game in an instant.


Players fill roles for their franchises first and foremost, not for India as a whole. This is a big minus, which can cost India dearly.


Captain: Babar Azam


Strong in close continental conditions for their country. The team has several outstanding batsmen. We saw how they played PSL fearlessly, bowling for them is the place where the team goes several levels above the rest of the teams.


The team is still a little behind the others in terms of power and fielding.

Some betting tips:

  1. If you are betting on individual futures odds such as Top Batsman or Top Bowler, you should look out for a player who has high hopes for his team’s advancement in the competition.
  2. Consider home advantage. This applies not only to the home team, also pay attention to the rest of the teams — in what conditions they are used to playing, this can affect their betting odds in the championship. This is the weather, as well as the state of the surface.
  3. Study statistics and past match research. To increase your chances of making a profit, study the prevailing current form among men in the championship.

How to bet on the championship?

  1. Choose a reliable betting platform.
  2. Create an account and pass verification.
  3. Make your first deposit to place your bet.
  4. Select the desired sport and match.
  5. Place a bet

What is the difference between ODI AND TWENTY20 CRICKET?

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One-day matches (One Day International, or simply ODI) are the golden mean. In these meetings, the teams try to determine the winner within one day, and the game as a whole is limited to 40 or 50 overs.

This sport has its own betting and payout system, which differs, for example, from tennis. Worth sorting out:

For an outcome or a draw. Level 1 cricket is tied, so the odds of a test match are three. Draws are not as common as in football, but still relatively high and comparable to hockey. In the one-day and «twenty» format, bookmakers offer two-sided outcomes without the possibility of a draw.

«Twenty 20» is slowly but surely gaining more and more popularity in the world, here only two innings are played before the end of the match (one for each team’s attack), and the average duration of the meeting is approximately three and a half hours. Teams play 20 overs each, which is how the match got its name.