RajBet Casino Review

RajBet is the place where you can not only bet on all your favorite games on one site whenever you want, but also take advantage of many of the best promotions, bonuses and other perks along the way.

RajBet online casino offers over 2000 unique slot games with a fantastic bonus. And not only that, in this short RajBet casino India review you will learn the main points that make the Rajbet site stand out from the crowd.

rajbet casino

In addition, this platform offers you the freedom to choose between classic and modern online slots. Rajbet has a huge variety of live games with high betting limits and huge winnings! And all this on RajBet com sportsbook.

You’ll find an impressive variety of payment methods to choose from and a fast and easy transaction process, allowing you to get right back into the sporting action. And when it’s time to cash out your winnings, you can do so quickly and securely.

The site offers support in various issues to provide you with first-class customer service 24/7, quickly and efficiently resolving your situation.

Registration at the RajBet casino

rajbet casino registration

As soon as you go to the site, you will see registration in the upper right corner of the main page.

  • Click on the sign up link which will take you to a new RajBet sign up page to enter your details.

The data you must provide includes your email address, phone number, username and password.

  • You also need to check the circle that says you agree to the site’s terms, data policy, cookie policy and are over 18 years of age.
  • Finally, you must ensure that you are not a robot before registrationis completed.

You can also register through social media channels such as Facebook, Google and Telegram. You will find these options on the registration page.

How to login the casino Rajbet

rajbet casino login

To log into your account and use all the functions of the Rajbet website, you need to register. When the account is confirmed after linking the phone number, you will be able to log in and place bets.

In the upper right corner there is a RajBet casino login button, by clicking on it you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter data.

You can log in in several ways:

  1. With the help of a social network — telegram, google or facebook. By choosing one of the social networks, you go to the account page of this social network and confirm the data. The site automatically transfers you back to an already active account.
  2. Using the login and password that you set when sig in RajBet casino. After entering the data, you can also start playing games, slots and sports betting.

The most popular games

Rajbet has the best slots and table game options for an interesting pastime. The most popular RajBet casino games are roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, lotto and others. It is also impossible to ignore a new variation of the casino — live casino.

RajBet casino India live format allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment and feel like a participant in a real game.


rajbet blackjack

Blackjack is also known as 21 games and that’s the whole point. If a player scores more than 21 points — he loses, in the case when the game ends in a draw — everyone stays with their money. The rules are the same for all varieties of this game — both for playing blackjack RajBet in a casino, and for playing blackjack online version.


There are 8 standard decks of 52 cards. The cards are returned to the deck after each deal and shuffled among themselves.

There are cards with a face value from 2 to 10 — such cards are considered at face value. Picture cards, kings, queens and jacks are worth 10, while aces are worth 1 or 11.


rajbet roulette

Roulette is a variant of casino game of chance where players place bets on a single number or groups of numbers. After the betting, the roulette wheel rotates along with the ball. It falls on any position if that is your chosen option — the casino pays out the winnings based on your stake and odds.

The roulette RajBet game table consists of a wheel with cells, where numbers from 0 to 36 are sequentially indicated and a playing board, on which possible bets are indicated.

The table also has a playfield in table format, which indicates the minimum and maximum bet amount that players of roulette online India can place.

American roulette differs from European roulette in a slightly smaller gaming table and the presence of two «zero sectors»: the «zero» sector and the «double zero» sector.

All cells with numbers (except sectors with zeros) on the playing-field have the corresponding colors (they are marked in red and black).


rajbet slots

Slots are games made in the image and likeness of slot machines that exist in gaming clubs and casinos.

Another advantage that distinguishes real casino slots from online casino slots is the huge variety. Perhaps there is no such person in the world who would not try to play slots India, because there are thousands of them, and on large gambling sites it can reach up to several hundred.

Gaming Rajbet slots may differ from each other. The difference can be both in appearance, design, type of pictures, and in the number of reels, concept, interface, game technique, bonus system, ways to win, super slots game online and so on.

Dice Duel is one of the popular games in the app. It is the same version of the classic dice game. The object of the game is to roll the dice and collect the most points at the table. 3 throws are given, initially all the bones in the hands are thrown. After the player can choose the number of cubes that he considers necessary.

Bac Co is a variation of Baccarat and Sic Bo. Users are given the choice to bet on player, banker and draw. The player’s dice and the banker’s or other user’s dice are discarded and the one with the highest total wins.

Zeppelin is an entertaining board game that, to some extent, reproduces historical events that took place in real history. The goal of the game is to conquer territory (subjugate the other half and one supply center card).

Tiger Stone is a slot machine that attracts with its brightness and big payouts. Spin the machine and collect profitable combinations.

Auto roulette completely repeats the classic version. It differs only in that it is a slot machine and all actions take place automatically.


This is a card game, the main purpose of which is to make combinations that give a total of nine points or close to nine from two or three cards. The baccarat rajbet india uses a table with a playing field, which looks like a table. You are also provided with several card decks of 52 sheets.

Users play against the institution represented by the dealer or the banker. In a RajBet online in this category, a software algorithm acts as a croupier — the cards are determined by a random number generator.

Live casino games in RajBet

rajbet live casino

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of casino sites. The developers of the Rajbet live casino is trying to make the games more real and interesting.

Live casino Rajbet India will allow you to feel the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. The site has live versions of many popular games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and others. There you can enjoy the game with other users in real time.

Bonuses at the RajBet casino

All bonuses are available on the site:

  • Welcome package 200% bonus + 75FS
  • Get 1000 for free
  • 5% cashback on all deposits
  • 175 Rajbet freespin in Lucky Series 3
  • Multiply the Rajbet casino bonus up to 50% of the winning amount in the combo bet
  •  Sports cashback 10%

Frequently asked questions

Can I play at the casino through the app?

In general, the application completely repeats the version of the site

Can I play at RajBet casino on INR?

Yes. Rajbet accepts Indian rupees and has popular payment systems in India in its arsenal

Is it possible to create multiple accounts in the casino RajBet?

no. Multi-accounting is prohibited, users who were caught in this are banned, with a complete blocking of all accounts

Is RajBet casino legal in India?

Yes, Rajbet Casino is legal in India, as it meets the following requirements: the legal address is located abroad, we accept Indian rupees and we have connected popular payment systems in India

Is it possible to make money on casino RajBet?

Casinos, like any other gambling, cannot be a way to earn money. Playing in a casino should be considered only as a pleasant pastime, being aware of all the risks. We are committed to responsible gaming.