RajBet app for Android

Especially for the convenience of site users, RajBet has developed a high-tech application for sports betting and casino. The application combines all the functions available on the official website of the bookmaker.

The design of the RajBet app is no different from the official version and is made in the usual combination of purple and white. All icons are well drawn and highlighted so they are easy to find.

You can bet on your favorite sporting events and take advantage of over 2000 different slots with the best bonuses. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the casino’s variety of live casino games with favorable odds.

And all this can be on your smartphone. For your convenience, here we have collected up-to-date information on how to download Rajbet APK India, what bonuses and promotions are available, how to use them

System requirements of the RajBet app

The system requirements for RajBet com app are as follows:

Operating system:Android
Application version:1.0
Size:40 mb
Availability in the play market:no, the download is only available via a direct link
Android version:5+
Products:sports betting, live sports betting, casino, live casino, lotto

How to download RajBet apk

rajbet app

Every Android user can download the Rajlbet app on their device. Using the Bilbet app, you will have access to all possible sports betting and casino games. Below are the necessary steps to download Rajbet app 2022. They are not difficult and take a maximum of 5 minutes. To download the Rajbet app, you need:

  1. Go to link rajbet apk download
  2. Go to «Settings» on your device.
  3. Find the «Privacy» page, then «Allow downloading of third-party applications» and allow the installation of the rajbet apk download for android file.
  4. Scroll up and find the download link «Download Android app».
  5. Start downloading the APK.
  6. Install the file and you are ready to use Rajbet APK.

How do I register in the RajBet app?

The registration process is simple and straightforward. It is similar to registering on the site itself. You need to set aside 5 minutes of your time and carefully read the points below. You can register both on the main site and on the Rajbet sports app. Don’t forget to claim and use your welcome bonus.

Follow these steps for Rajbet app registration:

  • Open the Rajbet betting app on your gadget.
  • Click the «Register» button and choose any convenient registration method (phone, email, Facebook, Google and Telegram).
  • Fill in the data fields — name, password, email address and phone number.
  • Submit the registration form.

After correct registration, you will be sent a confirmation letter from the bookmaker to the specified mail. Once you have verified your emails, your account will be activated and you can start placing bets.

How to login to the Rajbet app?

If you have the Rajbet application, you can easily skip the site and open RajBet on your phone. To sign in RajBet apk select this application in your phone. If you have not downloaded it yet, follow the download link on the site, since this application is not available in the playmarket.

RajBet app login is the same as on the website. After you have entered the application, you need to fill in the data (you can also save them in your phone so that they are filled in automatically after logging in) and you are already an authorized player!

What can I get on in the RajBet app?

Cricket betting app 

Cricket is a sport where betting at random will not bring profit. It is necessary to be able to analyze and operate with large amounts of information, taking into account every little thing. Even choosing the winner of a match will require the bettor to know about the lineups, the format of the tournament, and, of course, the weather forecast.

There are several varieties of the game with their own rules. The main type — two teams, each of which has 11 athletes, take turns hitting the ball with bats, trying to earn points, and at the same time prevent their opponents from scoring.

RajBet offers popular betting championships in cricket. you can bet on cricket, ipl, isl, odi series, t20, psl and others.

Soccer betting app

The football betting line includes many options: bets on the outcome (one of the teams win or a draw), on the number of goals (from 0-0 to «hockey» results), on various handicaps, on the exact score, on the number of corners, yellow kicks, fouls, shots on goal, substitutions, goalscorers, first and second half outcomes, etc.

Football betting is popular all over the world, and a good bookmaker offers more than 100 betting options for each match of a typical football tournament. There are not many options for players to play in more modest leagues, but all the most popular ones will definitely be presented in the line.

Since bets are made in real time and for real money, you should carefully study live betting tips soccer if you would like to be a winner.

With RajBet you can bet on the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, FIFA World Cup 2024, English Premier League, UEFA Super Cup and more

Kabaddi betting app 

Live Pro Kabaddi league (PKL) is the men’s professional Kabaddi league in India.

It is also called the Main Kabaddi Club Tournament — Indian Pro League. U.S. broadcast rights acquired by ESPN.

Kabaddi is incredibly popular in Asia — Bollywood films are made about the game, anime is dedicated to it. And the RajBet app has allocated a separate section dedicated to kabaddi and live about kabaddi league in the very first positions of the list.

This is how sports betting appeared in the field of this championship. And every year the interest of players to bet on pkl is growing.

Tennis betting app 

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).

There are three main types of tennis matches:

  • Singles games involve two players competing against each other, usually two men or two women, although games between a man and a woman may be played informally or as exhibitions.
  • The concept of WTA is an abbreviation for the well-known women’s tennis association. This association holds a whole series of tournaments, namely «Premier», «international level», «125k» among professional tennis players.

What you can bet on:

  • Betting ATP;
  • Betting WTA;
  • ITF Men;
  • ITF Women;
  • Challenger.
  • Bet on wimbledon

If you switch to this sport, you will see the nearest important matches. But if you open one of them, a full selection of odds will be offered to your attention.

Basketball betting app

Basketball is another kind of team games in the field of sports games. In addition, this game can be attributed to quite popular among fans, as well as users of betting sites.

A little about the game: the teams consist of 12 people, 5 of which are field players, and the rest are substitutes.

Basketball match consists of 4 halves, in different associations the duration of the halves is different. In the NBA, one half lasts 12 minutes, in FIBA ​​- 10 minutes.

An abandoned ball can bring a team a different number of points. A ball thrown from a three-point line brings the team 3 points, from close or medium distance — 2 points, during a free throw — 1 point.

Basketball betting has an extensive line of matches and will bring a lot of positive emotions to the users of the Rajbet app. A little excitement can add a bet made on one of the matches:

  • Bet on WNBA
  • NBA betting
  • Euroleague Basketball

eSports betting app

In addition to standard sports, RajBet can accept eSports bets.

Cybersport is a competition in the virtual space using IT. It attracts many users with its entertainment. eSports betting app allows you to bet on many championships and games.

All matches are categorized by country and championship. This allows you to quickly find the event you are interested in. You can also add individual events to your favorites if needed.

eCricket  betting app

By opening this type of bet, you will see the IPL grid and the eCricket World Cup. Cricket is the most popular sport not only in India but also in many Asian countries in terms of the number of fans. This discipline also attracts betting enthusiasts as there is always a wide range of outcomes and odds available in cricket matches.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup;
  • T20 Vitality Blast;
  • Czech T10 League;
  • Indian Premier League;
  • Dominica Nature Isle, etc.

Dota 2 betting apk

Dota 2 tournament series are the largest international esports championships. Dota 2 live match includes a matchmaking system based on a numerical value known as matchmaking rating. Rating changes are based on the outcome of the match: when the player’s team wins, their rating increases, and when they lose, it decreases.

Known as the game coordinator, Dota 2 betting app use a team balancing mechanism based on the rating of each player to create conditions under which teams have a roughly equal chance of winning in all matches.

LoL betting apk

league of legends is a team based MOBA game. It kind of reminds me of Dota.

The betting grid in this category is the same as for other sports. league of legends betting app accepts single bets on the outcome (the victory of one of the tournament participants). The following popular types of matches are available: LCS, LCK CL, LPL, Elit series, Hitpoint masters, LCO Split 2.

StarCraft betting apk

Despite the fact that real-time strategies have long lost their former popularity in the world of eSports, StarCraft 2 still attracts thousands of players and betting enthusiasts. At Railbet, you can make predictions on all major ongoing championships, such as WTL. starcraft betting app дает возможность использовать бонусы и делать ставки with favorable odds.

CS:Go betting app

It is the most popular shooter game released by Valve, just like Dota 2. This type of eSports has the highest number of professional competitions throughout the year. We allow you to bet on the championships organized with the support of various companies:

  • ESL;
  • ESEA;
  • WePlay;
  • Y-Zone, etc.

The variety of possible outcomes will also please you. Bet on cs go betting app can be placed on general events as well as on handicaps, totals, and statistics. With counter strike betting apk the game will be as exciting and interesting as other types of eSports betting.

Types of bets in the RajBet app

The site presents the following betting options: single (single) bet, express and system

A single or single bet means a bet on an outcome or outcomes in one sporting event. Possible options: win, lose, draw.

Multi bet is a combined bet, the coefficients of which are multiplied. These bets include totals, handicaps, and so on.

Betting system or in other words «betting». The player chooses from three to 16-20 outcomes and wins if the number of outcomes is chosen correctly.

Types of odds in the application

European is a coefficient in the form of a decimal fraction. To determine the final winnings, you only need to multiply the number by the amount of the bet.

American — has two meanings: (-) and (+). The minus coefficient shows how much the player needs to bet in order to get a net win of 100 units (dollars).

The plus coefficient shows the size of the player’s net profit at a bet of 100 units.

Hong Kong — has the form of a standard European decimal fraction. The coefficient reflects the net profit of the player from one unit of the bet. For example, a coefficient of 0.9 shows that with a bet of 10 units, the player will receive a net profit of 9 units. To see the possible net profit from the bet, you just need to multiply the odds by the amount of the bet.

Indonesian is an analogue of the American coefficient. The only difference is the values ​​- the Indonesian coefficient (-1.5) will be equal to the American coefficient if it is multiplied by 100.

Malaysian — very similar to the American coefficient, but has a slightly different meaning. Negative odds will mean that the net winnings will be higher than the bet size. A positive coefficient will indicate that the net winnings will be less than the bet amount.

Fractional — the ratio of the amount of potential profit to the amount that must be wagered in order to receive this profit.

On the site at the bottom of the page there is an option to change one or another type of RajBet app odds.

The RajBet Casino App

All kinds of slots and casino table games are also available in the RajBet application. Once you download the rajbet casino app and log in, you have the opportunity to take advantage of over 2000 different game options.

The application completely repeats the web version of the site and has the same range of services and features. rajbet casino apk will delight you with its convenience, ease of use, interface brightness and additional bonuses.

The most popular casino games in the app

rajbet casino apk

Dice Duel is one of the popular games in the app. It is the same version of the classic dice game. Multiplayer game allows you to combine up to 4 people at the same time. The object of the game is to roll the dice and collect the most points at the table.

3 throws are given, initially all the bones in the hands are thrown. After the player can choose the number of cubes that he considers necessary. The game continues until each player has filled their boxes with combinations.

Bac Co is a variation of Baccarat and Sic Bo. Users are given the choice to bet on player, banker and draw. The player’s dice and the banker’s or other user’s dice are discarded and the one with the highest total wins.

Mega Ball is a popular casino game in which the machine shakes the balls and gives out certain combinations of numbers. You choose a card and fill in the lines based on the combinations that have fallen out. The more filled lines, the bigger your winnings.

The highlight of the game is the mega ball that drops out at the end of the game. If he completes one of the lines, your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier that you have chosen in advance.

Zeppelin is an entertaining board game that, to some extent, reproduces historical events that took place in real history. The goal of the game is to conquer territory (subjugate the other half and one supply center card).

Tiger Stone is a slot machine that attracts with its brightness and big payouts. Spin the machine and collect profitable combinations.

Rajbet app vs desktop version

Firstly, there is no need to save extra space on the gadget, as is the case with a mobile application. There is also no need to download updates. All site changes are automatically synchronized with the Rajbet betting app.

The risk of downloading an apk file from any source other than the Google Play Store, from the Internet or from an independent app store is usually associated with malware that can be found in the files. Either way, the iTunes App Store and Play Store have a very restrictive policy on gaming apps. Often you won’t find anything there.

If you are using the mobile version of the Rajbet site for mobile betting, you do not have this risk. But in general, the application completely repeats the version of the site.

RajBet apk vs Mobile version

The mobile version of the site is easy to use and has the same design as the desktop platform. You can bet anywhere without having to install Rajbet apk india.

If you’re on a mobile platform, you don’t have to worry about updates. Accessing the Rajbet platform from Android and iOS mobile phones may not seem as convenient as using the app. Luckily, this is the only downside we can point out because the other aspects of the mobile version are really amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the app?

Applications are updated by downloading them via a direct link from the official website. Applications on the site are updated once a month

How to deposit and withdraw money from the RajBet app?

There are two most convenient and popular payment methods available for RajBet users. These are Net Banking and the UnifiedPayments interface. But there are others. You can see them in the table.

After a successful transaction, the deposit will be credited to your account.

What are the bonuses in the RajBet app?

All bonuses are available in the application, as on the desktop version:

  • Welcome package 200% bonus + 75FS
  • Get 1000 for free
  • 5% cashback on all deposits
  • 175 free spins in Lucky Series 3
  • Multiply the bonus up to 50% of the winning amount in the combo bet
  • Sports cashback 10%